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“NO TO EXTREMISM!”- Educational Workshop for Young Leaders

On 24 and 25 April in Hotel Sebastian Modra, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs is organizing an educational workshop titled “NO TO EXTREMISM!”, which is designed for the representatives of youth political organizations. The growing support for the far-right movements and extremist groups is becoming an acute problem not only in Slovakia, but also in other countries of Europe.

The goal of the pilot two-day workshop is to engage a broad spectrum of political youth organizations in discussion about the current research findings in the field of extremism and militant democracy and creation of a stimulating environment for cooperation where the participants can formulate possible countermeasures and strategies to combat extremism. Education of prospective young leaders has the ambition to have a preventive character and prepare the future political representatives to address the issue of extremism in an objective and informed manner. International experts that will hold lectures for the young leaders include: Radka Vicenová (CENAA, Slovak Republic), Petra Vejvodová (Masaryk University, Czech Republic), Bulcsú Hunyadi (Political Capital Institute, Hungary), Radko Hokovský (European values, Czech Republic) and Daniel Milo (Ministry of Interior, Slovak Republic).

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